Saturday, February 26, 2011

Girl's Ruffle Top

OK, so I will not be giving a step-by-step on how I did this because I had to change my plan while working {this fabric is really hard to work with..} and I actually did a pretty sloppy job. But it's OK because it turned out all right and maybe if you do something similar, you'll be more organized then I was :) I used these 2 onesies and some hot pink scraps from another project.
I added the ruffles {this took forever and a day} ;)
Then finally after way too much time spent of this one project, it was DONE! :)


  1. Hello Kim! I found your site through Tea Rose Home's link party. Love the ruffles!! Great job on the shirt!!! Somewhere in blogland I discovered an easier way to make ruffles---you can buy elastic thread. I had never heard of this. You wind it on your bobbin by hand---gets too tight and stretched out if you use the bobbing winder. Use regular thread for the top stitch. The longer or shorter stitches will affect the amount of ruffles. Worked great on knit fabric when applying ruffles to the front of a night gown, only time I have used the elastic thread so far. Sure beat pulling threads to get the ruffle!!!! I hope this might be of help and don't give up on the ruffles---they are way too fun!!!